Changing the world, one conversation at a time.

Studies prove that Parents can make a positive difference by talking to their children, whilst other research indicates a single conversation can have a significant and lasting impact on a person's opinion.

It’s time for change and equality is top of the agenda. We believe that conversation should be aimed at building a foundation for the future and that’s where our conversation cards come in. We’ve created a tool to enable parents to have meaningful conversations with their kids, whilst raising valuable funds for charities working at grass roots level to change people’s lives.

The questions on our conversation cards are focused on resetting social values. This is our opportunity to rewrite the narrative, build a new base with no unconscious bias and create a world where kids are kids and their potential has no invisible boundaries.


We've developed a set of conversation cards which are designed to get kids away from their devices and talking to each other, their family and friends. The questions are designed to challenge social norms, bring down unconscious bias and tear down the invisible barriers of societal expectations. These are for parents who want to find different ways to engage with their kids, and start thoughtful conversations about equality. With 52 different questions ranging from ‘If a man and a woman do the same job should they be paid the same?’ to ‘What makes a person clever’ through to ‘Should celebrities be role models because they’re famous?’ and ‘Do you think aliens exist?’ the cards help kids develop key ‘soft skills’ including debate, discussion and persuasion, whilst giving parents cue cards to engage their family.

Every penny we make from the app or cards we sell, all profits are going to our charity partners; Mums in Need, a Sheffield-based emotional abuse charity and The Dash Charity which helps individuals and families affected by domestic abuse with confidential advice and support. It doesn't stop there, the unit cost of every items is reinvested into more items we make, to sell. So these really are conversations that count.

Please support us. If you would like to stock these please contact us and we can start the conversation. If you’re a charity who would like to become one of our partners, please get in touch!


Play your way!

Fast rounds

Deal out the cards between you and take turns to answer the questions

Deal straight

Deal straight from the top of the pack

Dig Deep

Select 3 cards and have a detailed group conversation


Get involved

Got any suggestions for new questions? Contact us on Twitter @betogetherequal, Instagram @togetherequal or here and your question could become a card in our next pack.