Changing the world, one conversation at a time.

Our mission is to promote equality for everyone. We believe this can be achieved by owning the conversation at every level.

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We’re working towards change at a number of levels.

We created Conversation Cards for families with kids age 7+ to encourage conversation and debate about equality. Profits raised from sales go to charities supporting victims of domestic abuse.

We view our Conversation Cards themselves as their own tool which is designed to challenge social stereotypes and in creating conversations have a real social impact.

Our school programme works with Primary and Secondary school children focusing on school/class level challenges rising from inequality within their own community. It’s aimed at helping kids recognise positive and negative behaviour over a range of concepts, from toxic masculinity to bullying, building positive behaviours.

Our mentoring program aims to inspire and motivate young adults.

Take action.

Ready to get involved? Whether you want to submit your own question for our next deck, or adapt our products for your own country, contact us.

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