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QPR Trust embrace Conversation Cards as ice breakers for coach ed sessions

We are delighted to hear that the QPR Education trust is using our cards as an ice-breaker in their coach training sessions. We hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the beautiful game. If there are any other coaching academies out there looking for a fun ice-breaker please do reach out - our conversation cards come highly recommended AND all profits go to charity.

QPR education trust use our conversation cards

Conversations connect families and build children's skills

Conversations connect families and build children's skills

Conversations build connections. A child who feels connected to their parents is more likely to feel happy but it can be difficult to get kids to talk. Here we give you some top tips on how to get those conversations started.

Charity Partner announcement - Wight Dash

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We are really happy to announce we’ve got another charity partner on board - Wight Dash - a domestic abuse hub for women and men on the Isle of Wight. Our first delivery of conversation cards will arrive this weekend.

If you're on the Island please support us - visit the shop at 12 St James St, Newport between 10-4 on Saturdays. and buy a pack of conversation cards.

Conversation Cards - 100% profits go to charity

Our conversation cards have arrived and are now available to buy on ebay. 100% of profits go to support survivors of domestic abuse.

If you don’t know already, we've developed a set of conversation cards which are designed to reset social norms, bring down unconscious bias and tear down the invisible barriers of societal norms. These are for parents who want to find different ways to engage with their kids, and start thoughtful conversations about equality. With 52 different questions ranging from ‘If a man and a woman do the same job should they be paid the same?’ to ‘What makes a person clever’ through to ‘Should celebrities be role models because they’re famous?’ and ‘Do you think aliens exist?’ the cards help develop kids develop key ‘soft skills’ including debate, discussion and persuasion, whilst giving parents cue cards to engage their family.

Together Equal is a campaign which creates one, unified voice for small, local charities who are working towards equality for everyone. Our partners struggle for funding on a daily basis so we wanted to create a way to raise money for them, so they can focus on their great work instead.

Our current charity partners include Berkshire based the Dash Charity and Mums in Need in Sheffield. Every pack of these cards funds charities and social enterprises which support and empower victims of violence.

Welcome to the Together Equal conversation cards. We hope they are the beginning of hours of fun, talk and engagement between you and your kids.


Conversation can change opinions...

After studying a team of canvassers, two researchers found that a single conversation can have a significant and lasting impact on a person's opinion. This means our vision to reset social values around gender equality is achievable. Our conversation cards can help build foundations which don’t have invisible barriers, making unconscious bias a thing of the past. Let’ open the dialogue.

Our app is nearly ready...

We found this really interesting article where researchers have found a single conversation can change a person's opinion. It's not always easy to introduce a subject in a way that inspires and engages kids.  We're really pleased that our app is now in testing phase and soon to be launched in market, ready to start raising much need money for our women's charity partners Mumsinneed and The Dash Charity

Watch this space, we'll keep you posted (excuse the pun)