Easy Fundraising for your School


If you’re looking for easy fundraising ideas for your school or community group, why not think about Together Equal conversation cards for kids. Not only can you raise £5 profit for every pack sold, but you’re supporting an ethical project which supports small charities struggling for vital funding.

£5 profit per pack sold for your school.

Research demonstrates the power of conversations with studies identifying the positive impact of communications between parents and kids. Using this as a starting point Together Equal have created a set of cards that can be played at home or on the go. Developed for families with kids aged between 7 and 11, the questions cover a variety of fun and thought provoking subjects..

Have you ever wondered what animals talk about? Which of your teachers might survive a zombie apocalypse? Or whether a man should earn more than a woman if they’re doing the same job? These are just a few examples of the questions in each pack.

Contact betogetherequal@gmail.com to purchase packs for your school. Packs cost £3.50 a unit to buy (min. 20 packs). All money from the initial sale goes to charities supporting families in need. For further info check out togetherequal.com