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LONDON, 18 September: A social enterprise  from Surbiton, London has been selected as one of 100 trail-blazing small businesses in the official count-down to Small Business Saturday, which takes place across the UK on 7 December 2019. 

Together Equal is one of this year’s ‘Small Biz 100’, a selection of small businesses drawn from every corner of the UK that reflect the vibrancy of the UK’s 5.6 million small businesses. In the 100 days running up to Small Business Saturday, the campaign will spotlight each of the Small Biz 100, as part of its mission to celebrate small business success and encourage the nation to 'shop local' and support British small businesses.

This year’s Small Biz 100 features a range of unique independent businesses each contributing to their communities and offering something different, including Together Equal Ltd, founded in 2018 by Sarah Aird-Mash. Initially a concept to create a sustainable income stream for charities, Together Equal now offers products including Conversation Cards and Journals for kids, as well as school programs for Primary and Secondary schools in the area. 

Together Equal joins hundreds of previous Small Biz 100 businesses, which have been announced by the iconic campaign since its UK launch in 2013. 

Day one of the Small Biz 100 count-down kicks off with The Butchers Social, from Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, with Together Equal being placed in the spotlight on October 24th.

Co-founder of Together Equal, Sarah Aird-Mash said:

“We are so pleased to be a part of Small Business Saturday. As a social enterprise with no marketing budgets this recognition will help us to build awareness of our products and programs. The stronger our awareness, the more sales we can make and the more people we can help.”

Director of Small Business Saturday, Michelle Ovens MBE said: 

“Each year this campaign has grown in support from government, business and communities alike, and so we can’t wait to begin the annual 100-day countdown to Small Business Saturday with the launch of the Small Biz 100 2019. Small Business Saturday’s increasing popularity means it was harder than ever to choose just 100 of this country’s incredible 5.6 million small businesses to showcase, but we believe those we have chosen are true representatives of the diverse, creative and inspiring heroes at the heart of our communities.” 

In its seventh year, Small Business Saturday is the UK's most successful small business campaign, which last year saw an estimated £812 million spent in small businesses across the UK on the day, according to research commissioned by founder and principal supporter American Express. 

This was up from the £748 million spent on Small Business Saturday in 2017, with 59% of people aware of the day saying they spent more than usual. 

The #SmallBizSatUK campaign trended in the UK top 5 on Twitter on the day, reaching over 100 million people globally.

The Prime Minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Mayor of London were among those publicly supporting the campaign, alongside more than 90% of local councils.

Small Business Saturday also benefits from the backing of leading business organisations including the Federation of Small Businesses, Indeed and Dell. The campaign is also supported by Amazon,, Square and Xero.

Small Business Saturday 2019 is open to all businesses to participate in and will commence its regional bus tour roadshow across the UK during the autumn, to drum up further support. 

The full list of businesses chosen for the Small Biz 100 can be found in notes below.

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About Small Business Saturday

A grassroots, not-for-profit campaign, Small Business Saturday was originally founded by American Express in the U.S. in 2010. American Express remains the principal supporter of the campaign in the UK, as part of its on-going commitment to encourage consumers to shop small.

The day itself takes place on the first Saturday in December each year, but the campaign aims to have a lasting impact on small businesses.

On Small Business Saturday, customers across the UK go out and support all types of small businesses, online, in offices and in stores. Many small businesses take part in the day by hosting events and offering discounts.

 More information on Small Business Saturday can also be found at: 

Twitter - @SmallBizSatUk 

Website -

Together Equal celebrates £10k award from the National Lottery


Together Equal is celebrating being awarded almost £10,000 in National Lottery funding to support its work in supporting primary school children. The group, based in Claremont Road in Surbiton, will use the funds to run a school outreach programme to help children build self-confidence, self-esteem and understand healthy relationships.

Together Equal launched in January this year and is staffed by 4 volunteers. It was founded by Sarah Aird-Mash and Adam Matich with a mission to eradicate domestic abuse. The programme evolved as they realised the key to eradicating it forever is to focus on a solution at a grassroots level.

The project will enable primary school children to better deal with the world of today and have all the knowledge they need to grow up healthy, happy and safe. It will help children learn how to look after themselves, physically and mentally. It highlights the importance of friendship, diversity and helps build self-esteem and self-confidence for the future.

The group will be running sessions in local primary schools across Surbiton to help children develop critical thinking and discussion skills in a conversational environment with their peers. While enjoyable, the children will be gaining greater confidence and self-belief setting them up for a future as a confident and inclusive adult. 

The new funding from The National Lottery Community Fund distributes money to good causes and is the largest community funder in the UK. These sessions will be offered to schools across Kingston and Surbiton meaning that primary school children across the area will be able to benefit from this programme.

At the same time, the group will introduce a mentoring scheme for secondary school kids. These will see them matched with young adults from various backgrounds who will provide peer-to-peer support in a social and supportive framework. 

Sarah Aird-Mash, a co-founder of Together Equal, says: “We’re delighted that The National Lottery Community Fund has recognised our work in this way. Now, thanks to National Lottery players we will be able to press on with our plans to broaden the range of opportunities available to local children and their parents. This is important because it helps both the children and the parents to connect and change the world one conversation at a time .”

Tanya Mitchell, School outreach lead at Together Equal, says ‘The ability to reach primary school children and their families with the Together Equal ethos means that the next generation is equipped with the confidence to challenge the social inequalities we see today. By starting the conversation around these issues in schools, it allows for a whole school and community to promote an understanding of how our children shape the future. We are hoping that by helping children find their voice and understand how their core beliefs have shaped them so far, we can create a greater understanding of what it means to be a British citizen.’  

QPR Trust embrace Conversation Cards as ice breakers for coach ed sessions

We are delighted to hear that the QPR Education trust is using our cards as an ice-breaker in their coach training sessions. We hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the beautiful game. If there are any other coaching academies out there looking for a fun ice-breaker please do reach out - our conversation cards come highly recommended AND all profits go to charity.

QPR education trust use our conversation cards

Conversations connect families and build children's skills

Conversations connect families and build children's skills

Conversations build connections. A child who feels connected to their parents is more likely to feel happy but it can be difficult to get kids to talk. Here we give you some top tips on how to get those conversations started.

Charity Partner announcement - Wight Dash

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.34.14.png

We are really happy to announce we’ve got another charity partner on board - Wight Dash - a domestic abuse hub for women and men on the Isle of Wight. Our first delivery of conversation cards will arrive this weekend.

If you're on the Island please support us - visit the shop at 12 St James St, Newport between 10-4 on Saturdays. and buy a pack of conversation cards.

Conversation Cards - 100% profits go to charity

Our conversation cards have arrived and are now available to buy on ebay. 100% of profits go to support survivors of domestic abuse.

If you don’t know already, we've developed a set of conversation cards which are designed to reset social norms, bring down unconscious bias and tear down the invisible barriers of societal norms. These are for parents who want to find different ways to engage with their kids, and start thoughtful conversations about equality. With 52 different questions ranging from ‘If a man and a woman do the same job should they be paid the same?’ to ‘What makes a person clever’ through to ‘Should celebrities be role models because they’re famous?’ and ‘Do you think aliens exist?’ the cards help develop kids develop key ‘soft skills’ including debate, discussion and persuasion, whilst giving parents cue cards to engage their family.

Together Equal is a campaign which creates one, unified voice for small, local charities who are working towards equality for everyone. Our partners struggle for funding on a daily basis so we wanted to create a way to raise money for them, so they can focus on their great work instead.

Our current charity partners include Berkshire based the Dash Charity and Mums in Need in Sheffield. Every pack of these cards funds charities and social enterprises which support and empower victims of violence.

Welcome to the Together Equal conversation cards. We hope they are the beginning of hours of fun, talk and engagement between you and your kids.


Toxic Masculinity

I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being, first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole. Malcolm X

Today we’ve been reading this excellent article about toxic masculinity and the impact on men. It’s time these invisible barriers channelling social norms are brought down so we are all working on a level playing field.

Conversation can change opinions...

After studying a team of canvassers, two researchers found that a single conversation can have a significant and lasting impact on a person's opinion. This means our vision to reset social values around gender equality is achievable. Our conversation cards can help build foundations which don’t have invisible barriers, making unconscious bias a thing of the past. Let’ open the dialogue.