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Whether you are people who feel they have the experience and qualities to offer to a family just starting out, your own children are grown up or you have some spare time and want to form a lasting valuable relationship with people who will benefit from your friendship and support, Equal Match is the place for you.

In former years, the phrase ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ was pertinent to help families become part of their community, and be able to rely on friends and neighbours, as well as their close family. Due to working pressures, and the absence of this said village, means children are growing up without support from extended family.

The idea of Equal Match is for people to offer support, a listening ear and company in a mutual relationship that benefits both parties. This is not a usual volunteer befriending service. This is about forming lasting and purposeful relationships and extending the village for the next generation.

‘When we moved to London, we found ourselves a long way from our parents, with little support. Raising a family, alongside working and studying is hard work. Our friends didn’t have the time to step in as and when we needed them, so Equal Match was thought of and would have been the perfect solution’ – Tanya Mitchell

Equal Match will encourage people who feel they have the experience and qualities to offer to support younger families, but all will be welcome to mixer events, where everyone can get to know each other and match themselves together.

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